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EXPO 2010 INTERVIEWS – Part 2 (Nud Fud)

The Whole Life Expo gets yummier every year. Check out this video interview with Julia Kirouac, founder of Nud Fud, a company that dishes out superb organic and gluten-free snacks. She’s back at Whole Life Expo 2011 with a bigger booth and product line. Visit her at the show to try free samples and get special “Show Prices” on all her great products.

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WHOLE LIFE EXPO 2010 INTERVIEWS – Part 1 (Aura Photography)

Here is our first ever video interview with an exhibitor at Whole Life Expo. In it, Stan Mallow explains the finer points of aura photography, and what the different colours in our auras indicate about our level of compassion, intelligence, and state of health. Look for Stan at Whole Life Expo 2011, and get a picture taken of your aura. It’s great fun!

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This short video gives you a quick idea of the traffic at Whole Life Expo 2010, along with some close-ups of food and skin care exhibitors. More videos to follow in coming months, containing footage of interviews with various exhibitors.

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Bryce Wylde - host of Wylde on Health

By Julia Woodford

We are grateful for the terrific publicity that surrounded Whole Life Expo 2010. In fact, this event attracted more media coverage than in all of its previous 23 years in operation. So we extend a hearty thank you to all of the journalists and media personalities who came out to spend time at our show and carry the message to their various publications and networks. Here are some highlights:

– Prior to the show date, Bryce Wylde interviewed a number of Expo speakers on his popular Wylde on Health show on CP24, including Dr. Zoltan Rona, Nutritionist Julie Daniluk, and Pharmacist Mike Hannalah. You can watch the episodes at   http://www.cp24.com/wyldeonhealth/


Report by Julia Woodford, Show Manager

Hello and welcome to our first ever Whole Life Expo blog, which will bring you ongoing updates about our event as it draws closer.

But before that, we’re taking a look back at Expo 2010 which was held last November at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. After all of the attendance numbers were crunched, the surveys were analyzed, and feedback was reviewed, we are happy to report that Expo 2010 was our most successful year ever. Over the 3 days, total attendance added up to approximately 18,000. About 50% of attendees used their weekend Pass for one day, 22% used their Pass for two days, and 28% of attendees used their Pass for all 3 days. (It’s exciting to us that so many folks spent their entire weekend immersed in the great experiences that our exhibitors and speakers brought together under one roof.)