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Whole Life Expo featured on Breakfast Television

Julie Daniluk goes over what to expect at the Whole Life Expo,

Julie Daniluk goes over what to expect at the Whole Life Expo

BT Host Jennifer Valentyne interviews Whole Life Expo spokesperson Julie Daniluk about the highlights of Whole Life Expo. Click on the image above or here to go to the video!

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Whole Life Expo 2014: Pure + Simple Exhibitor Interview & Demonstration

Jean Eng, the co-founder of Pure+simple spa, demonstrates a popular face massage using hydrating serums for the skin at the Whole Life Expo. Collagen serum, one of their most popular products, improves circulation around the eyes, and rejuvenates skin cells. Specially formulated face oils and serums are the two products that are key for keeping skin looking youthful and fresh as you age. Pure+simple has 3 locations in Toronto and one in Waterloo. Visit www.pureandsimple.ca


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Great photos by Julie Daniluk capture the action at Whole Life Expo 2013

A Video Tour of Whole Life Expo 2012 (November 9,10,11)

This is Canada’s most popular health show where people come to sample the latest healthy foods, taste nutritious power drinks and herbal teas, and indulge in relaxing, anti-aging treatments — all under one roof. Over 200 exhibitors bring all the best products and services from across North America for 3 days of fun, food, and new discoveries at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. To see the complete program for 2013, visit: www.wholelifeexpo.ca

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Whole Life Expo 2011 Exhibitor Interview Series – Part 1

In this short clip you’ll hear Sher Kopman, of RawFoodz, describe her line of health-promoting salad dressings, dips, marinades, etc…all made from raw whole food ingredients. My favourite from last year’s selection: Sea-zar Serenity – NOT your typical Caesar salad dressing; rather an entirely plant-based, organic and gluten-free dressing filled with healthy, hand-selected ingredients. (posted by Bonnie Black)

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A Dynamic Video Tour of Whole LIfe Expo 2011

This is a fast romp through the aisles of Expo 2011, with great views of both exhibits and attendees. As well, there’s interesting interviews with: 1) a farmer who explains why organic dairy is healthier for consumers and for cows; 2) the maker of a delicious Kombucha drink filled with living enzymes; a distributor of Chocosol – stoneground dark chocolate; and the proprietor of Rawlly Delicious, a company specializing in vegan energy balls made from sprouted seeds.  And lots more …Whole Life Expo 2011 Walkthrough

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Expo 2011 Video Commentary by Julie Daniluk

In this overview of Whole Life Expo 2011, popular author and nutritionist Julie Daniluk shares her views on the show, while the camera touches on numerous exhibit booths. She has been the senior MC at Whole Life Expo for the past 6 years, and has some wonderful insights into what this annual event has to offer the public. Julie is author of Meals That Heal Inflammation (Random House 2012).

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A look back at Whole Life Expo 2011 ~ stats, surveys, comments


Whole Life Expo 2011, held on the weekend of November 25 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre,  was another terrific success. Attendees came from far and wide to experience this once-a-year opportunity to get together, sample the latest products, indulge in wonderful treatments, and learn the latest news in the world of natural health.

After reviewing attendance, analyzing attendee surveys, and recording feedback, we are happy to report that Expo 2011 was another well attended show. Over the 3 days, total attendance added up to approximately 18,500 which was up slightly from the year before. According to our survey, about 60% of attendees used their weekend Pass for one day, 30% used their Pass for two days, and 10% of attendees used their Pass for all 3 days. (We’re delighted that a total of 40% of attendees liked the show enough to return for a second and even third day.)

The Expo 2011 surveys also revealed that: 50% of folks came specifically to shop the exhibits and experience a variety of health treatments; 36% came to hear specific speakers; and 14% came for the networking and socializing opportunities. These numbers show increased public interest in our lecture program, which totalled a record 70 presentations at Expo 2011.

In terms of demographics, a whopping 74% of survey respondents were female, and 26% were male. (This confirms the large numbers of women who are seeking information, trying new products, and taking an active role in creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.) This could also reflect the fact that female attendees are more likely to fill out surveys than men.

In regards to the geographic breakdown,  72% of attendees came from within the GTA, 5% came from Durham region, and 23% came from areas farther afield including Caledon, Maple, Richmond Hill, Hamilton, Oakville, Kitchener, Barrie, London, and Newmarket. This is partly because Vitality Magazine, which is a significant driver of attendance to our show, reaches all of those regions across Ontario with the Expo Showguide www.vitalitymagazine.com

The types of transportation used to get to the Convention Centre were reported as follows: 56% TTC, 34% car, 7% GO Transit, 3% walk/bike.

In terms of age range, 49% of attendees were between 35 and 54, and 33% were between 55 and 75, and 18% were between 18 and 34. So the significant buying power of the boomer generation is definitely a presence at our show; these are the folks with the greatest interest in anti-aging, disease recovery, and healthy longevity.

Here is a sampling of some of the comments we received on the surveys:

- “This is my first time here. It is fun as well as interesting.” S. Cubecic

- “Excellent. I will be back next year.” T. Morrow

- “I would like to see a senior’s discount.” Z. Ricafrente

-  “I always look forward to the show. Keep up the good work.” S. Weshelow

-   “I came for the lectures, especially Sam Graci.” U. Andrachuk

-    “The exhibits are awesome.” D. Baker (London, Ont.)

-   “I love it that the exhibit/lecture pass is good for the whole weekend.” T. Honey

-   “Love the show. Worth the trip.” A. Blandizzi (Ajax, Ont.)

-   “I came to see Julie Daniluk, Brenda Cobb, Sam Graci. The lecture pass gives great value. It would usually cost $15 to see any one of these speakers. Here I can see all 3, and more, for that price.”   T. Edwards

-   “Great food! Please add more food vendors.” J. Wallace

Overall, the public response to our 70 lectures and 250 exhibits was terrific. If you wish to add your own comments to the mix, feel free to enter them in the space below.


See you this weekend at the show, doors opening in just a few hours:

Friday November 25 – 4pm to 9pm
Saturday November 26 – 11am to 8pm
Sunday November 27 – 10am to 6pm

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WHOLE LIFE EXPO 2010 INTERVIEWS – Part 4 (Pure+simple)

What could be better than a luxurious facial? Answer: An Ayurvedic face massage done by an expert using natural products suited to specific skin types. In this video, Pure+simple co-founder Jean Eng demonstrates her techniques for improving facial circulation and lymphatic drainage while lifting and rejuvenating mature skin. At Whole Life Expo 2011, Pure+simple returns with a full staff of experts ready to pamper and revive the natural beauty of Expo attendees. Visit www.pureandsimple.ca