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A Dynamic Video Tour of Whole LIfe Expo 2011

This is a fast romp through the aisles of Expo 2011, with great views of both exhibits and attendees. As well, there’s interesting interviews with: 1) a farmer who explains why organic dairy is healthier for consumers and for cows; 2) the maker of a delicious Kombucha drink filled with living enzymes; a distributor of Chocosol – stoneground dark chocolate; and the proprietor of Rawlly Delicious, a company specializing in vegan energy balls made from sprouted seeds.  And lots more …Whole Life Expo 2011 Walkthrough

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One Response to A Dynamic Video Tour of Whole LIfe Expo 2011

  1. Karen Lehnen says:

    Please have a petition to label GMO food or even better to ban GMO foods in Canada & Ontario.

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