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Report by Julia Woodford, Show Manager

Hello and welcome to our first ever Whole Life Expo blog, which will bring you ongoing updates about our event as it draws closer.

But before that, we’re taking a look back at Expo 2010 which was held last November at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. After all of the attendance numbers were crunched, the surveys were analyzed, and feedback was reviewed, we are happy to report that Expo 2010 was our most successful year ever. Over the 3 days, total attendance added up to approximately 18,000. About 50% of attendees used their weekend Pass for one day, 22% used their Pass for two days, and 28% of attendees used their Pass for all 3 days. (It’s exciting to us that so many folks spent their entire weekend immersed in the great experiences that our exhibitors and speakers brought together under one roof.)

According to attendee surveys: 60% of folks came out to shop the exhibits and experience a variety of health treatments; 30% came to hear specific speakers; and 10% came simply to network and socialize with other likeminded people. Of the total number of attendees, a whopping 67% were female, and 33% were male. (This confirms the large numbers of women in the community who are actively seeking information, trying new products, and taking an active role in creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.)

In terms of age range, 39% were between the ages of 25 and 44, while 46% of attendees were between the ages of 45 and 64. And 9% were over the age of 65!

These numbers suggest that we are going in the right direction with Whole Life Expo. By bringing together over 220 exhibitors and 70 speakers under one roof for 3 days, we have created a valuable opportunity for the public to experience all the best that the world of natural health has to offer.

If you attended last year’s Expo, and wish to add  your comments to this blog, feel free to post them here

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